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Temperatures keep rising and work productivity keeps falling. Across India, summer temperatures have been higher than usual, making workplaces uncomfortable. Productivity in factories and offices drops when temperatures reach uncomfortable levels. Sooner or later, the impact of rising temperatures is noticeable on the company’s bottom-line.

There is a simple solution to this problem – cool the workplace. Better ventilation, ceiling fans and air conditioners are some of the methods of cooling any space, but they have some limitations. Ceiling fans don’t have an impact when the temperature is too high. Air conditioners, on the other hand, are expensive and cannot be used to cool large, open spaces like factories.

For most commercial spaces, air cooling is a better and cheaper solution. Here’s a closer look at one of the most efficient methods for cooling your office, warehouse, or factory:

How do air coolers work?

Air coolers operate on the simple principle of evaporation. So, instead of using chemicals or refrigerants to cool a space, air coolers use two natural elements to provide cooling – fresh air and water.

Air coolers cool the room the way sweating cools your body. Water vapor is introduced into the air, which raises humidity and lowers the temperature. This is a very ancient method of cooling. Traditional Indian homes and villages used porous earthen vessels filled with cool water to create a pleasant indoor environment.

Since the method is simple, an air cooler doesn’t incorporate complicated machinery or special chemicals to work. All this results in lower operating costs.

Energy savings

Air coolers are low-cost cooling devices. When compared to air conditioners, air coolers use 80% less energy. In other words, air coolers only consumer one-tenth the power required for a conventional air conditioner.

Air coolers also provide other cost benefits besides cutting power bills. They are cheaper to install and require less maintenance. The devices have fewer moving parts, so wear-and-tear is limited. Overall, air cooling is the most cost-effective cooling solution.

Optimum cooling = better productivity

According to a study conducted by IIM-Ahmedabad, office or factory productivity can be raised by 12% if the temperature is lowered. Experts recommend that the office temperature remain between 23℃ and 30℃ for best results.

India is a warm country where temperatures frequently go higher than this range, which is why cooling is necessary. However, conventional cooling methods like air conditioning and ceiling fans have limited effects or are expensive to run.

Air cooling consumer less energy for the same amount of cooling. The cooling effect is better than ceiling fans and bijli consumption is lower than air conditioners. For cost-saving and added productivity, commercial air coolers are the best option regardless of the size of your commercial premises.

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