Ductable Air Cooler
Mercury (18000 CMH)

Ductable Air Cooler

The Mercury Air Cooler from Sky Air Cooler is a powerful and efficient solution for cooling large industrial and commercial spaces. With a large cooling pad area and high airflow capacity, it can quickly cool down even the most hot and humid environments. The cooler also features a robust build quality with a rust-free body and heavy-duty castor wheels for easy mobility. Its low power consumption and eco-friendly cooling system make it an excellent choice for cost-effective and sustainable cooling. The Mercury Air Cooler also comes equipped with features such as a water level indicator, remote control operation, and an automatic water-filling system, making it a convenient and hassle-free cooling solution for any workspace. You can contact us know ductable air cooler price.

Ductable Air Cooler - Mercury

(18000 CMH)
Airflow (m3/h) : 18000 CMH
Cooling Area(sq.ft) : 1500 sq.ft (with ducting)
Discharge : Top / Down
Air pressure(P.A.) : 180 P.A
Motor(V/Hz) : 415v / 50 HZ & 220v/50 Hz
Power (kw) : 1.1 kw
Phase : Single / Three
Speed : 1
Fan Type : Axial (3 Blade Fan)
Noise (db) : 73db
Water Tank (ltr) : 35
Net weight (kg) : 68
Dust Filter : Yes
Air Outlet Size (mm) : 670 x 670
Dimension L x W x H : 1111 x 1111 x 1011 (mm)
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Ductable Air Cooler


Cooling Upto 1500 sqft

(with 50 ft line up ducting)


1 Unit = 1 Hour

1 unit electricity consume in 1 hour

Air Flow

18000 CMH

Get high air flow with wide airflow outlet

Product Technical Details

Sky Air Cooler Body

Body Made With World's Best Plastic

Sky Air Cooler Uses 100% New Material Engineering Plastic Injection Molding Body

Sky Air Cooler Motor

World's Best High Torque Motor

Sky Air Cooler Presents Best High Torque Motor in India

Sky Air Cooler Cooling Pad

5090 Honey Comb

Cellulose Wet Pad Worls's Best Quality Pads Imported from Finland With Anti Bacterial Resins & 4X Longer Life Than Any Other Pad(Last Upto 5 Yrs.*).

Sky Air Cooler Discharge

4D Technology (Top & Bottom Discharge)

Sky Air Cooler is The Only Brand Which Gives 4D Cooler in Movable & Ductable Coolers.

Sky Air Cooler Fan

Turbo Axial Fan

Sky Air Cooler is The Only Brand Which Gives Turbo Axial Fan for World's Most Powerful Air through & Very Low Noise.

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Frequently Asking Question About Ductable Air Cooler

What is a ductable air cooler ?

A ductable air cooler is an evaporative cooling system that uses a network of ducts to distribute cool air throughout a building. The cooler is placed outside the building, and the cool air is ducted inside through a series of vents..

What are the benefits of a ductable air cooler ?

Ductable air coolers are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly cooling solutions. They provide uniform cooling throughout the building, improve air quality, and maintain a comfortable environment for occupants.

Can a ductable air cooler be used in all types of buildings ?

Yes, ductable air coolers can be used in a wide range of buildings, including offices, factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, and residential spaces. However, the size and capacity of the cooler should be chosen based on the specific cooling needs and the size of the building.

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