Commercial Air Cooler Manufacturer in India

Commercial Air Cooler Manufacturer in India

Cooling System for Engineering Industry

The overall temperature of the area that has to be cooled is efficiently lowered by both coolers. In arid climate regions like ahmedabad. Sky sir cooler air conditioners perform effectively. During the hot part of the summer, Commercial Air Cooler Manufacturer by sky air cooler conditioners cool the room by 13 to 15 degrees Celsius.Plastic cabinets are used to make packaged air coolers. Maximum airflow for the packaged industrial air cooler is 1800 CFM. It has a maximum area of 3000 square feet.

  • The majority of air coolers and air washers use evaporation technology. It performs at its highest level in hot and dry climates.
  • Electric motor made entirely of copper for longevity and aluminium case for quick heat dissipation.
  • Float valve to maintain predetermined water level and provide continuous water supply.
  • Customizable to any capacity up to 6000 CFM and customizable speed.


  • Long-distance air delivery and high static pressure.
  • built-in short circuit, overload, and single phase preventer.
  • High saturation level honey comb cooling pads with high efficiency.
  • Submersible water pump for continuous water supply that is heavy duty.
  • Industrial air coolers have a big, rust-free stainless steel tank.

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