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Cooling System for Engineering Industry

Air management is achieved through the use of a duct cooler to provide uniform air cooling and to transport cool air to various locations as needed. Ductwork can be used to refer to the Central Ducting Cooler system. These Ducting Coolers, which are typically referred to as ducts, blow the cool air with the proper pressure through metal conduits. Sky air cooler of common manufacturers like Jindal, Essar Steel, and SAIL are used to create the conduit for a cooling duct system.

  • Ducting Air Coolers are the best for general cooling since they allow for the even distribution of cool air within all rooms and areas.
  • A ducted air conditioning system has a blower or fan unit, along with various accessories and three types of discharge, as such, it can be mounted on a wall or roof based on the available space.
  • Additionally, a network of ducts can be built from the air-conditioning unit to each room in a house or to particular areas in a factory or industry. They can successfully use air grills to cool every area or department, making them a superior option for achieving uniform cooling.

Heavy Duty Duct Air Cooler Features

  • Long-distance air transmission and high static air pressure.
  • Robust wired Remote control for industrial piping air cooler.
  • built-in overload, short - circuit current, and single phase preventers.
  • High-efficiency cooling pads built of sky air which is more saturated.

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