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How do sky air coolers work ?

In a Sky Air Cooler, warm air is taken in and passed through wet Honeycomb Cooling Medium. Water flowing through the honeycomb absorbs heat from the air as it travels through the honeycomb, causing the water to evaporate. This makes the air colder and more humid. The cool air is then blown into the room by a strong fan. As a result, the area is continuously filled with cool, fresh air that has been moisturised, while stale air is blown out of the space through an open window or door.

What are the advantages of the Sky air cooler ?

Cost Efficient

Sky Evaporative Air Coolers are a cost-effective cooling option because they are inexpensive to buy and run.

Low electricity usage

Sky Evaporative Air Coolers use a negligibly small amount of electricity. An interesting cooling option in cities with high electricity costs, running an air cooler consumes substantially less electricity than running an air conditioner.

What is the difference between sky air coolers and air conditioners?

A chemical cooling refrigerant is needed for air conditioners, and hot air is absorbed and condensed into cool air using an energy-intensive compressor. It's necessary to vent the heated air outside the space. Air conditioners are more expensive to buy and use substantially more electricity because of their more complicated construction.

Incoming warm air is cooled by the natural process of water evaporation in air coolers, and the newly cooled air is blown by a powerful fan. When liquid water evaporates, it can significantly lower the temperature of dry air (through evaporation).

How does the Float valve (Auto-fill) work ?

A float valve, which looks like a hollow ball, is a component that is mounted inside the cooler tank. If a running water pipe is connected to the tank through the hose connector, the water float valve will sense when the water level drops below the required level and start the water flow within the tank. When the water level reaches its maximum, it will likewise cease accepting new water. There is no need for you to physically fill the water tank because this procedure is automated.

When to clean the Honeycomb Pad ?

  1. The local air and water conditions determine how frequently the Honeycomb media needs to be cleaned. Mineral deposits may accumulate on the Honeycomb Cooling Media in places where the water is strong in minerals, which could obstruct airflow.
  2. Mineral deposits can be decreased by draining the water reservoir and refilling it with fresh water at least once each week. If there are still mineral deposits on the Honeycomb media, it should be taken out and thoroughly cleaned with fresh water.
  3. Depending on your needs, the medium should be cleaned every two months or sooner.

How to clean the Honeycomb Pad ?

  1. Unplug the device's power cord from the wall outlet after turning it off. Find the Rear Grill by rotating the device so it is facing the back panel.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws.
  3. Pull up on the rear grill panel all the way to remove it. The honeycomb media are now visible. Apply fresh water to the honeycomb medium to clean it.
  4. After the cleaning is finished, reassemble the unit
  5. Connect the device to the power source and turn it on.

How to clean the tank ?

  1. Disconnect the air cooler from the power source after turning the power "off."
  2. Allow the tank to empty by removing the cover from the water drain plug, which is situated towards the tank's bottom.
  3. Simply reconnect the water drain plug to its original position after draining the water tank.
  4. Now top off the water tank to the maximum level, wait five minutes, and then completely drain the water once more. Use pure water for this process to ensure that all dust and contaminants are entirely eliminated.
  5. It is advisable to clean the water tank of your cooler at least twice before using it again if it hasn't been used for a while.

What must be done if there is no air discharge ?

  1. Make sure the wire is plugged in :Ensure the power source is turned on and the cord is plugged in.
  2. Power is off : You can turn the device on with the help of remote control
  3. Faulty Motor : Contact Service center

What should I do if my cooler is noisy or not cooling ?

  1. Check if Pump is off : Turn on Cool function by remote control
  2. Check water level : When COOL is selected, the pump runs and makes noise if there is little to no water in the tank. In this case, restock the water tank.
  3. Check if Pump is damaged : Contact service center for repairs.

What should you do if the cooler is emitting a weird smell?

  1. If the cooler is barnd new : This happens frequently. The Honeycomb Cooling Media will have an odour when the device is first used, but that smell will go away after a week.
  2. If the cooler is old / used : A problem with algae might exist. To solve this problem:
    • Inspect the tank's water for conditions. Clean the tank and add fresh water if the water is stale.
    • Clean the cooling media made of honeycomb.
    • Get in touch with the service centre if the issue continues.

Validity of warranty

  1. In line with the instruction manual, the appliance has been set up, utilised, and maintained.
  2. Along with the complaint, the authorised dealer-signed warranty card and cash memo are included.
  3. No unauthorised person has accessed or tampered with the appliance.

When is the warranty not applicable ?

  1. damages brought on by dents, plating, chipping, and peeling.
  2. normal component wear and tear.
  3. Damage brought on by mishaps, carelessness, or customer negligence

Safety Tips

  1. On 230 Volt AC at 50 Hertz, your cooler operates. Make that the household voltage is within the range recommended for the equipment.
  2. Remove the item from its packing before using it, and make sure it is in good working order.
  3. Any product with a damaged chord or plug SHOULD NOT BE USED. The use of an extension cord with this device is not advised.
  4. A power cord SHOULD NOT be routed beneath carpets or covered by rugs or runners. Keep the cord away from any potential tripping hazards.
  5. Before adding more water to the tank, always unplug the appliance.
  6. Before performing any maintenance, cleaning, or relocation work on an appliance, always unplug it from the power source.
  7. By gripping and pushing on the power cable plug-end only—never the cord itself—remove the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  8. AVOID using the product in locations that hold paint, gasoline, or other combustible materials.
  9. In order to use the "COOL" option, make sure the water tank is full. The water pump may be harmed if this cooler is used on the "COOL" setting while the tank is empty.
  10. A cooler's electrical or mechanical components should not be repaired or adjusted because doing so might jeopardise the cooler's warranty.
  11. Covering the appliance's air inlet or outlet could damage the motor, therefore AVOID DOING SO.
  12. DO NOT place objects into ventilation or exhaust openings or permit objects to do so since doing so could harm the product and result in an electrical shock or fire.
  13. Operating without the Honeycomb material will overload and harm the motor, thus DO NOT do so.
  14. NEVER leave an appliance on that is in use unattended for a lengthy period of time.
  15. Do not continue using the device if it is broken or not functioning properly. Consult the troubleshooting section and seek qualified counsel.