Special Features

World’s Best Plastic Body

Sky Uses 100% New Material
Best Engineering Plastic Injection Molding Body

1. UV – resistant cabinet material.
2. 100% Usable in Outdoor.
3. Temperature tolerance form – O O 42 C to 96 C

Invertor Motor

Sky Presents Best High Torque Motor in India

1. 100% Maintenance Free
2. 100% Dust & Moisture Proof
3. Saves Upto 80% Electricity Bill.
4. Can Be Used Non Stop Upto 24 Hrs.

Extraordinary Features & Banifits

5090 Honey CombCellulose Wet Pad# World’s Best Quality Pads Imported Form Finland with Anti Bacterial Resins & 4s Longer Life then Any Other Pad (last upto 5 yrs.*)

54D Technology (Top & Bottom Discharge)#
SKY is the only brand which gives 4D Cooler in movable & ductable Coolers.


Turbo Axial Fan#
SKY is the only brand which gives Turbo Axial Fan for worlds most powerful air through & very low noise.