Cooling System for Textile Industry

Cooling System for Textile Industry

Cooling System for Textile Industry

Every industry has its own needs and requirements. Considering the cooling system requirements, every industry has its own specific needs. Different types of cooling systems happen to be appropriate for different industries. The same goes for the textile industry too, where the cooling system requirements vary from other industries. In this regard, LSV cooling or Large Space Venti cooling seems to be the best option in the case of cooling systems for the textile industry.

Why Cooling System Required in Textile Industry

The textile industry happens to be one of the largest industries in India, which makes a significant contribution to the GDP or gross domestic product of the country. Moreover, the industry is a highly automated one.

The industry has huge machinery, and the produced items are pretty fragile. In the case of the textile industry, it becomes extremely important to consider the relative humidity of air since the overall efficiency of any of the processes in the textile industry depends upon the air’s relative humidity within its preset limits. In addition to this, the collective properties of yarn, as well as its level of workability, depends on the levels of humidity in the air.

The humidity of air is nothing but relative humidity, which is defined as the total amount of water or moisture in a sample of air as compared to the air’s maximum capacity to hold moisture at a specific temperature. It is evident that warm air is able to hold more moisture as compared to cold air. Therefore, it becomes immensely important to maintain proper humidity levels for the textile industry to function in the right way.

Moreover, if the location of the industry has extreme temperatures with high temperatures in the day and low temperatures at night, proper functioning is hampered. Additionally, a constant supply of fresh air happens to be essential in a place that is very well-ventilated. It is exactly the reason why a cooling system is required in the textile industry, where LSV cooling or Large Space Venti cooling proves to be apt.


Here are a few major benefits why LSV cooling or Large Space Venti cooling systems for the textile industry.

  • Operational cost is low
  • Needs very little maintenance
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Good for workers’ health
  • Enhances overall productivity of the textile industry
  • Increases efficiency of workers

Why Choose Sky Air Cooler for Textile Industry?

Sky Air Cooler takes pride in being a leading manufacturer of industrial cooling systems that are not only economical to run but also ecologically friendly in nature. Sky Air Cooler is a reliable name in the field of manufacturing industrial cooling systems. Here are a few advantages of choosing Sky Air Cooler for a cooling system for the textile industry.

  • More than a decade of industrial experience and expertise
  • Use of modern tools and technologies
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • Reduced operational costs and reduced electricity bills
  • Unmatched products quality
  • Competitive pricing structure

Thus, at any point in time, if you are searching for the ideal cooling system for the textile industry, do not waste even a minute and come to Sky Air Cooler for the most suitable solutions.

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