Industrial Air Cooler in Abu Dhabi

Freely Movable Air Cooler


Cooling Upto 2000 sqft

(Without ducting / Spot Cooling)


1 Unit = 1 Hour

1 unit electricity consume in 1 hour

Air Flow

18000 CMH

Get high air flow with wide airflow outlet

Product Technical Details

Sky Air Cooler Body

Body Made With World's Best Plastic

Sky Air Cooler Uses 100% New Material Engineering Plastic Injection Molding Body

Sky Air Cooler Motor

World's Best High Torque Motor

Sky Air Cooler Presents Best High Torque Motor in Abu Dhabi

Sky Air Cooler Cooling Pad

5090 Honey Comb

Cellulose Wet Pad Worls's Best Quality Pads Imported from Finland With Anti Bacterial Resins & 4X Longer Life Than Any Other Pad(Last Upto 5 Yrs.*).

Sky Air Cooler Discharge

4D Technology (Top & Bottom Discharge)

Sky Air Cooler is The Only Brand Which Gives 4D Cooler in Movable & Ductable Coolers.

Sky Air Cooler Fan

Turbo Axial Fan

Sky Air Cooler is The Only Brand Which Gives Turbo Axial Fan for World's Most Powerful Air through & Very Low Noise.

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Frequently Asking Question About Industrial Air Cooler

How do industrial air coolers work?

Industrial air coolers work by drawing in hot air from the outside and passing it through a wet cooling pad. The water in the pad evaporates, which cools the air. The cool air is then blown back out into the room or space. This process is called evaporative cooling, and it can significantly reduce the temperature and increase the humidity in the surrounding area. Industrial air coolers are effective in dry climates and can provide an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

How do industrial air coolers differ from traditional AC units and what are their advantages?

Industrial air coolers use evaporative cooling technology, which cools the air by passing it over wet pads. This is a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly way of cooling large spaces than traditional air conditioning units. Industrial air coolers can also provide better air quality as they constantly circulate and filter the air.

What is the maintenance required for an industrial air cooler and how often should it be performed to ensure optimal performance?

The maintenance of an industrial air cooler includes regular cleaning of the cooling pads, water tank, and air filters. This should be done at least once a month or more frequently if the unit is used extensively or in a dusty environment. It is also important to check the water level and ensure the pump is functioning properly to avoid damage to the unit.

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