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Factory Air Coolers Manufacturer, Sky sir cooler Preferred to as Jumbo Coolers, are utilised for spot cooling and quick temperatures relief in the summer. The industrial shop floor, tent house, and factory shop floor are the optimum places for factory air coolers used as industrial air coolers.Factory coolers in the budget range are utilised for rentals and minor businesses. Factory air coolers are available with several tank sizes, such as 120 L, 160 L, and 180 L. Electric motors for tent coolers are available in copper wound (750 W) and metal wound (550 W) models for different applications.

  • We produce and supply premium quality factory coolers for use in factory and industrial air conditioning applications.
  • a manufacturer cooler with a three-speed manual knob temperature

Factory Cooler Manufacturer Product Description

  • Long-distance air transmission and high static air pressure.
  • When the water level in the tank is low, a factory air cooler has a water level sensor to safeguard you.
  • Low Operating Cost (uses less electricity than an air conditioner by over 80%).
  • plastic body and matel body that resists the elements .
  • In commercial air coolers, high-quality honeycomb cooling pads are employed.

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